Play Therapy in South Africa

Play Therapy is a growing and well recognized profession in many other developed countries. Sadly, as in many other areas, South Africa is lagging the rest of the world in this respect and the profession does not enjoy the same recognition and support locally. Two areas in particular are of concern:

1. The lack of available training options for individuals looking to enter the profession.

2. The lack of a regulatory body that guarantees safety, quality and ongoing development of the profession.

Our objective is to address these gaps within the South African context and further the mission of Play Therapy International.

Play Therapy International (PTI) exists to further the good practice of therapeutic work with children. The efficacy of Play Therapy has been proven in a number of cultures. It is now time to make therapeutic play services available in all countries to benefit all the children of the world.

Play Therapy International (PTI) Mission



Our Mission

Promoting growth, quality and credibility of the Play Therapy profession in South Africa by providing world class training courses, access to established regulatory bodies and support for ongoing professional development of local practitioners.

Introduction to PTI/APAC Courses

Meet the Team


About René Ohlhoff

René was born and raised in South Africa and currently lives and practices in Cape Town. After completing her B.Sc Hons Degree in Psychology and Post Graduate Certificate in Education in South Africa, she continued her studies in the UK where she obtained a Masters in Practice Based Play Therapy from Canterbury Christ Church University in 2014.
She started her practice as a play therapist in the UK, but rebuilt her practice in South Africa after relocating back here in 2009. She is managing director of PTI Training SA as well as course director for the PG Certificate course and a PTI supervisor.
She and her husband have been blessed with two gorgeous little girls, from whom René has learnt as much as all her studies combined. They have taught her that our feelings, thoughts and behaviour have an influence on one another and how important and wonderful it is to have a secure bond between parent and child.


  • MA in Practice Based Play Therapy

  • PGCE

  • Bsc.Hons in Psychology

  • PTI PG Certificate Course Director

  • PTI Supervisor